Morpheus on… “Amore Mio” by Tony Lovello

It took me FIFTY YEARS of searching, before I managed to acquire this lovely piece from the squeeze-box maestro.

Why? Well, the projectionist at my local Saturday Morning Cinema Club must have liked the track – he played it every WEEK, in the breaks between the C.F.F. films, cartoons and “Look At Life” shorts.

He even told me what the record was – but as a seven-year-old British kid, in 1959, I didn’t own a record player. And by the time I did, the company that released the record in Blighty, Top Rank, had gone bust – and taken their back-catalogue with them.

So for DECADES, I checked record-collectors’ shops, junk shops, jumble sales – you name it – and ZIP.

But when, several years ago, I finally succumbed to the lure of the Interweb and purchased this computer – I was able to WIDEN my search. I eventually tracked a copy down to a shop in Wisconsin, USA.

But even THEN, the story was not over. Thanks to a sit-in at my local airport – Bangkok – the mail got piled up. LITERALLY. So much so, that a DVD someone sent me got BROKE – which is HARD TO DO!

Thus it was lucky that the posting of the record to me got DELAYED – thanks to American banks, who RIP PEOPLE OFF when it comes to changing foreign banknotes – which caused me to have to find some DOLLARS, before the shop would send it.

And so it’s THANKS to those greedy U.S. banks that I finally HAVE this disc IN ONE PIECE – which YOU can now listen to for FREE! Enjoy! 


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