Morpheus on… Life’s Little Problems

Once Upon A Time… there was a Lady. And tonight was her Big Night. A sumptuous charity ball. Simply EVERYONE would be there. She had been looking forward to it eagerly for weeks, but now something had happened to upset her reverie.

Five minutes earlier, a friend had rung to warn her that her biggest social rival would be turning up in a gown IDENTICAL to the one her designer had assured her was UNIQUE. “Madame, I ‘ave destroyed all of ze drawings,” he had said, in his French accent that never QUITE made it.

Now distraught, she was running through all of her wardrobe. But there was nothing she had not worn before.

She had a PROBLEM.

Across the Other Side Of Town, there was another lady. She would have LOVED to have had the problems of our first Lady – when her “rival” had arrived, she would have just laughed the whole thing off. But this lady had more pressing concerns.

A decade earlier, she had fallen in love with a man who treated her like a queen. Yes, he had a quick temper – but he was an Alpha Male. Rich, successful – he had given her three wonderful children.

But then things began to go awry. First, his company went belly-up. She did not understand why, but from the moment it happened, he had begun to change.

His drinking – which had always been frequent – became constant. Then there was the first time he had hit her. Oh, he had been FILLED with remorse then, swearing NEVER to do it again. Now, he did not even bother to apologise. Then he had started on the children.

And now he was on his way home. He had rung her from his usual watering hole, demanding that his dinner be ready when he got home. But knowing the bar he had been calling from was only five minutes away and having only just started cooking it, she knew she was in for another beating.

SHE had a problem.

But across the other side of the World was ANOTHER lady. And while she too would have loved to have had the problems of the first Lady – she would have happily settled for the problems of the second. In THAT case, she would have had five minutes to gather the kids and any essentials together and head for a Women’s Shelter.

However, this lady did not HAVE five minutes – or any realistic hope of rescue. An Adventuress, she had embarked on one adventure too many. While hacking her way through an especially dense bit of jungle, she had burst through a curtain of vines and fallen over a ridge.

And now she was hanging half-way down, while the roars from the pride of lions circling at the bottom assured her that when her fingers finally gave way – as they were about to – she would not have to worry about being injured on the pile of rocks directly below her.

She HAD a problem.

So what have we learned from this little anecdote? Well, the next time you figure YOU have a problem, step outside of yourself and consider objectively how big that problem REALLY IS.

Are you the adventuress in peril?

The battered mother?

Or just the posh bitch with the wrong frock?


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by cyrusquick on December 9, 2013 at 12:12 am

    Hand me the wrong frock please. I can hack that. After all, the biggest social rival has the same problem too. Ladies (I try NEVER to say women) need to abort 95% of boy embryos and all their woes with men will be soon forgotten. Their woes with other ladies is THEIR woe. I can only go so far with my wise advice. Bobby Vee added “Woe Woe Yay Yay” to the discussion. But I never knew what he meant, not until next week. (Next week is when you are going to explain it all). Always look on the bright side of life. Bournemouth is lovely at this time of year. (Bournemouth, California, that is. Oh come on now please. There has GOTTA be a Bournemouth in California).

  2. Posted by Vincent on December 13, 2013 at 12:01 pm

    Very likely – after all, they have a Brentwood…

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