Morpheus on… Smoking; UPDATE

Elsewhere in this column, I have waxed lyrically on the corruption of governments, re “vaping” – and the absurdity of offensive pictures on cigarette packets.

Vaping is discussed here…

And the pictures article can be found here…

Not much has happened since my piece on vaping; governments continue to BAN it, while LYING about its comparative safety, being content to allow countless millions to continue to DIE from the effects of tobacco – provided they can continue to glom billions in TAX from it.

The only thing I can add is that if sanity comes from anywhere, it may well begin with nations whose governments do not rely on tobacco tax for their survival – like island states, whose main revenue comes from TOURISM.

If they legalised, regulated and actively PROMOTED vaping, it might actually SAVE them money – given the resultant drop in smoking-related health issues, among their indigenous populations.

Then, as the advance from smoking tobacco to vaping SPREAD – complete with the health benefits – governments dependent on tobacco tax would find it increasingly difficult to JUSTIFY banning it.

But government bullsh*t takes a while to dissipate – and finding alternate, HIDDEN ways of raising that much revenue would be difficult. Therefore I doubt if vaping will supplant traditional cigarettes World-wide, in what is left of MY lifetime.

However, you may rest assured that with the Interweb making purchasing easy, THIS author will certainly be trying e-fags in the near future.

Which brings me to the latest silliness on those offensive pictures on the packets; as I have mentioned before, the Thai government are more interested in being SEEN to act, than actually making a difference. And so in this spirit, they have just launched their latest crop of cigarette-pack pictures.

This time, they occupy nearly 90% of the pack-fronts, instead of the former 60%. And as before, they mostly show rotting bits of person (although ONE looks like a rejected extra from “The Walking Dead”).

But ALSO as before, a couple are unintentionally HILARIOUS. GONE now, is the lout puffing obviously-fake smoke in his baby’s face – and IN come THESE two…


Where the label that should be attached to his big toe has gone, I cannot say. But at least his skin is a nice, healthy colour. However, I have saved the BEST until last…


I gather this one has had people WETTING themselves laughing!!

Although having been a smoker for over forty years now –  at sixty-two, I can confirm that Captain Cucumber (am I sharing too much?) is STILL as sturdy as EVER.

Like a FRENCH BREAD, baby!


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