Morpheus on… “Homeland”

THIS IS ONLY for those who are UP TO DATE with this series. If you are watching it in syndication – SPOILERS AHEAD!

So, now that Brody has breathed his last, what next for this series? Well, going on the first two eps of Season Four, it will be fine.

Brody and Carrie were never going to end up in a rose-covered cottage, were they?

Even if they had, the series would have been over.

And as for Carrie settling down with the product of their union – well, she nearly DROWNED the brat in ep 2.

No, Carrie is an adrenalin junkie. She NEEDS all that strife.

And in terms of carrying the series, Claire Danes still has plenty of support. Rupert Friend is now to the fore (ANOTHER British actor playing an American) – how long will it be before THEY link up? Plus the reliable Mandy Patinkin has depth (so long as they do not let him SING). And even former “House Of Cards” co-star Corey Stoll popped in for the season-opener.

Further, Indian actor Suraj Sharma (who starred in the extraordinary “Life Of Pi”) is introduced as a non-terrorist Arab, who just wants to get on with his life.

But in THIS show, we can be sure he will not be allowed to.

All of those, plus a tortuous new plot involving swops of secrets and the usual skullduggery – and with our hard-pressed Carrie now running under the unwanted monicker of “The Drone Queen” – convinces this reviewer that “Homeland” Season Four will MORE than live up to the previous three.

And with “The Blacklist” as strong as ever – and the new “Scorpion” showing promise (if they can stop those annoying plot absurdities; like if planes’ computers went down, the pilots would just land their aircraft the old-fashioned way – and if you stood up in a Ferrari doing 200 mph, you would be blown over the boot – and this week’s bomb could CLEARLY have been disabled by just cutting all the wires to the detonators) – this Autumn promises to be another corker, US TV drama-wise.

Happy viewing!


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