Morpheus on… Homophobia And HBO Asia

When the Oscars(® © ™ or whatever) aired in Thailand three days ago, HBO Asia got BUSTED.

Because here, the LIVE feed was also carried by TrueVision’s HD movie channel. And while both were TOUTED as being live, only the local channel actually WAS. The time stamp on the channels showed that the HBO feed was being DELAYED by just over a minute in order to allow HBO to CENSOR it, if necessary.

This has been done, intermittently, for decades (pre-digital, it used to be called “tape delay”). Broadcast delay allows removal of naughty words, wardrobe malfunctions and a host of other things which would be embarrassing if they made it to air.

Although British award recipients generally get around this by using British naughty words that Americans do not understand.

Anyhoo, during the PRE-Oscars, whilst a number of highly sexist interviews made it to air unbowdlerised, thanks to my RECORDING BOTH channels (my PVR can DO that) I discovered that a DISTURBING piece of censorship was present on HBO.

On at least TWO occasions during the Red Carpet section (naturally, I skipped over most of that crap – it would have extended the already three-and-a-half hour saga to an unacceptable SEVEN and a half hours – I would have HUNG myself before it was over) the presenters referred – with NO special emphasis whatsoever – to a MAN as being another man’s HUSBAND (host Neil Patrick Harris’s David Burtka – and Elton John’s David Furnish).

And while sexist cracks about heterosexual relationships were apparently deemed fine – these casual references to gay marriages were EXCISED.

I discovered this by hopping over to the local channel and re-running the bits where the audio had CUT (I primarily watched the HBO channel, since its audio and video quality were marginally better than the local one).

So why was HoBO being Hobophobic? Well, for once such crap could not be blamed on my adopted home, Thailand – their feed was unblemished.

However, in addition to the Land Of Smiles, HBO Asia is also shown in (alphabetical order) Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Vietnam.

And I think we can ALL guess which of THOSE countries are retarded enough to have a conniption fit at the very SUGGESTION that A Man Might Lie With Another Man…


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