Morpheus on… My New Church

Traditional churches are on the wane. After they grow up and their belief in fairies, goblins and Santa has faded, people increasingly find it harder to hang on to religion.

They realise science has far more and better answers – and that those promises of afterlives are bogus.

Which, given the number of lives that have been lost in the names of these worthless creeds over the centuries – and which continue to be lost today – is a GOOD thing.

However, there is a SECOND reason religions need to be banished to the realm of myth and superstition where they belong.

They try to tell you how to live your life.

What to eat.

What to drink.

When you can work.

How to dress.

What to watch and listen to.

Whether you can use contraception.

Even smoke.

In extreme examples, they try to persuade you to mutilate the genitals of your babies, deny your life-partner and risk your and their health by refusing medical treatment.

And ultimately, some even deny half the population their human rights – all the time filling their adherants with hate for anyone free from their syphilitic belief-system.

Is this what is meant by religious tolerance? Or religious freedom? I do not think so.

So I am starting a NEW religion. No repression, no restriction, no poisonous control.

I am calling it The Holy Church Of It’s Your Life – LIVE It.

And I am ordaining ministers now…


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