Morpheus on… Jeremy Clarkson? AGAIN??

When will Auntie stop falling all over herself apologising to the politically-correct arseholes who treat “Top Gear” as their personal punchbag?

All of the past “incidents” have been nothing more than infantile attempts to test the elasticity of the legs of the afore-mentioned PCAs – who need to get a LIFE. There are more important issues out there.

Has Jeremy been accused of interfering with a schoolboy’s shorts, thirty-five years ago? No.

Has he been accused of serious dishonesty? No.

Did he hit or abuse a woman? No.

The charge is that he delivered a fourpenny one to a MALE producer. And because of this handbags episode, dozens of technicians’ jobs are on the line, the Beeb’s number one export is in doubt – and three hundred and fifty MILLION viewers are without their weekly fix of motoring mayhem.

F’crissakes just give the two GROWN MEN gloves, stick them in a ring and let them sort it out the old-fashioned way.

Although looking at the picture of the alleged producer – a young, fit man who might obliterate the old, doughy comic presenter – perhaps it might be wiser to FINE the multi-millionaire Clarkson a couple of hundred grand and give it to said producer.

Hell, for a couple of hundred grand, Jeremy could take a poke at ME…


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  1. Posted by Anonymous on March 15, 2015 at 2:32 am

    I dislike Jeremy Clarkson intensely. But I dislike myself even more so I will put up with him as I am forced to put up with me.

  2. Posted by Vincent on March 15, 2015 at 8:59 am

    Ouch! However, good and evil are only objective concepts.

    I mean, supposing I’m an office-worker who’s on his way to a cafe to buy lunch. I only have a two-pound coin on me. Just enough for a sandwich, a coffee and a Kit-Kat. And then an attractive young girl buttonholes me, waves a tin under my nose and asks me if I can spare something for Children With Hairy Backs.

    I have three courses of action. One – tell her I’m sorry, but I have no change (or I gave at the office, or some other excuse). Two – give her my two pounds, while letting her KNOW it’s my last cash (I’ve a season ticket to get me home and do not possess plastic) and I’m giving up my LUNCH for her. Or three – give her my lunch money and a smile and say nothing.

    Now most people would say option one was the LEAST noble and three, the MOST noble. But to me, NONE were “noble”. With option one, I was brushing her off in favour of feeding myself. With two, I was forcing her approbation. And with three, I was simply trading a slightly empty feeling at around four pm for the girl’s smile.

    People do stuff for a reason (or for no reason – in which case it’s a pointless act) and it always benefits THEM – albeit sometimes obliquely. Only viewed from the OUTSIDE does an act appear generous or mean – good or evil. From the point of view of the doer, it is always justifiable and simply IS.

    Even someone who gives all they HAVE to charity may simply be doing so when they see how f***ed up the World is and decide they cannot LIVE with themselves unless they do everything they CAN. Thus, by their action, rather than gaining a warm fuzzy feeling inside, they are simply protecting themselves against feeling BAD.

    Did Hitler wake up every morning and think, “What a bastard I am”? Of course not. He just saw himself as a strong leader with tough decisions to make. Did Mother Theresa wake up every morning and think, “What a wonderful person I am”? No again. She had a calling and just got on with it.

    So there IS no SUBJECTIVE good and evil. Only the EFFECTS of our actions. So don’t feel smug next time you do something good. You’re as selfish as the rest of us! (But give the girl the money anyway).

    So wrote I, a while ago, as Damien.

    And to that I would add that one of the many sillies of religion is how the authorities divide everyone into good and bad people – destined for an afterlife of loveliness or perdition. There is no middle ground – you either make the cut or don’t.

    Which is of course utter bollocks.

    The reality is there is no good or evil, if viewed subjectively. There are just acts. Some appear good, others evil. We all commit BOTH. Only when they are viewed objectively, can any sort of “score” be kept.

    Thus YOU will have left a trail of debris, just like the rest of us. The best you can hope for is to have minimalised it.

    For myself, I look at the past objectively, knowing it is unchangeable – and try, as I now cruise through my Fourth Quarter, to do only “good” stuff – to make up for all the crap I pulled when I was younger and less wise.

    And I suspect YOU do the same.

    So don’t dwell on what is past – it doesn’t exist anymore. There is only NOW. Live THAT as righteously as possible…

  3. What you say does not apply to sadists. Whether in charge at death camps, or prefects at private schools, or parents who enjoy hurting their children, sadists ought not to have excuses made for them. Their proper end is naked in a cage with a lion that has been well-fed until that moment. Is that sadistic of me? OK. But so long as the matter was not a public exhibition I believe it would be the best we can hope for.

  4. Posted by Vincent on March 22, 2015 at 4:45 pm

    Yes, but how do you DECIDE who is a mentally-sick monster – and who is a reasonable person who just got pushed too far?

  5. It is not necessary to decide. The former does not care and deserves to be shot. The latter is full of regret and will desire to be shot. In a civilised country both will be shot (obviously assuming their guilt is clear and the entire event fully covered by the media -with no technicalities in arrest, or trial, allowed to let them off -all this assumes we have banished defence-lawyers and disallowed-evidence and such evil).

  6. Posted by Vincent on March 26, 2015 at 5:25 pm

    …uurgh – what?

  7. Posted by Cy Quick on August 11, 2015 at 2:14 am


    1 the mentally sick monster does not care and deserves to be shot…

    2 the reasonable person will be full of regret and desire to be shot…

    (As for me, my perverse albeit very small offences deserve the merciful bullet, not the cruel prison cell.)

    I said “deserve” to be in a lion cage. I am willing to change this to the clean bullet. This is because the lion cage scenario is bad for decent people especially the children. I apologise for suggesting it.

  8. Posted by Vincent on August 15, 2015 at 12:08 am

    Dark LOL!

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