Morpheus on… Snail Mail

For some time now, this term has been applied – with some snobbery – to proper PAPER letters.

However, while personal communications are undoubtedly better served by the new electronic media, techies forget that there are still plenty of comms that HAVE to be done on HARD COPY.

Try transferring money or obtaining a replacement passport without it.

Therefore it is problematic that today, mail services are slowly going down the DUMPER.

In Broken Britain, the Royal Mail (est 1516) has predictably been falling apart, ever since they began “privatising” (commercialising) it.

And elsewhere, the story is the same.

These days only “tracked” mail is guaranteed to reach its destination. The question is – when? The tardiness of the services that carry it mean it can get tied up for WEEKS.

Airmail no longer ensures quick delivery.

While land post travels by a series of tramp steamers and donkey carts – meaning international mail sent that way tends to take MONTHS.

And “Prioritaire” helps not a jot.

The only QUICK system involves CARRIERS – but they cost a FORTUNE – and in areas where they are not represented, they often transfer the mail to local services anyway.

Either it has to be recognised that “snail mail” is still ESSENTIAL and must therefore be properly maintained – or banks, organisations and businesses are going to have to begin TRUSTING the security and integrity of electronic mail.

If neither of these things happen, life is just going to continue to get more difficult.

But then, what the hell – we are only people…


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