Morpheus on… Black And White

It’s a funny thing about black and white; originally it was used for economy – then TV arrived and the film industry was forced to adopt colour – so then, with new tech and increased use, colour film got cheaper – while black and white, now being a niche market, got MORE EXPENSIVE than colour.

But then people realised black and white offered sharper images (only ONE layer) and more extreme contrast.

However, by now, most labs didn’t even DO it, meaning the only way to release black and white films was on COLOUR stock – which negated both advantages.

So now we have digital projection – resulting in the ability to change and project virtually ANY hue or ratio of image. And in 4K (better yet, 8K) sharpness is not an issue – but can it reproduce those startling, high-contrast images that black and white film offered?

Despite combing the Interweb, I am unable to find out. Nevertheless, it’d be a bold producer who would try it – the population at large now HATE black and white – ironically, thinking it is STILL CHEAP!


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