Morpheus on… The Case For Joe Biden: 2016

Yeah, I know – Uncle Joe Biden for POTUS? Seriously?

Indulge me. First, let us look at his only real competition: Old Ma Clinton – sorry, Hillary – sorry again, Ms Clinton.

For this historian, she has at least two marks against her; there is the unpleasant allegation that early in her career as a lawyer, she knowingly got a child-rapist off, then LAUGHED about it. Years later, a recording of same was played to the victim and she was less than pleased. SHE may re-surface later…

Then there is her reaction to husband Bill’s dalliance with that chubby intern….

But surely, you cry, not JOE? The man is a doofus. Like, that overly-familiar gesture with Stephanie Carter (then again, George Wan… sorry WaLker Bush did the same thing to Angela Merkel) and other gaffes too numerous to mention. He is without doubt the American equivalent of the Duke Of Edinburgh.

Then there is that 1/0 smile of his – but what do you want? The man is a professional politician. It comes with the job. At least he does it better than most.

Also, as Veep, he advised Obama NOT to gamble on the Bin Liner hit. After what had happened to Jimmy Carter in similar circumstances, his reticence might have been prudent – but unless Barack pulls SOMETHING out of the bag during the next twenty or so months, the resulting success may be the ONLY thing he is remembered for.

Then again, while Biden and Hillary have BOTH been the “second choice” for POTUS, only Biden is seen as the kind of politician most people would like to have a drink with. Hillary? Brrrr.

However, BOTH of these people share another failing – their AGES.

Hillary would be sixty-nine (an unfortunate number, all things considered) if she took office in ’16 – and seventy-seven at the end of two terms.

While Biden, despite currently looking somewhat more sprightly than Hillary, would be nudging seventy-four – and be EIGHTY-TWO after two terms.

Meaning he could well DIE IN OFFICE – or at least, end up Alzheimic (it’s a word) like Reagan.

Of course, the Republicans have plenty of younger blood – but it runs through the bodies of REPUBLICANS. Although as Obama has amply demonstrated, these days, America’s unpatriotic, obstructive, self-important Congress will BLOCK ANYTHING a Democratic POTUS tries to push through.

Thus it could be said that whoever wins 2016, if it is ANY Democrat, the only REAL achievement they are likely to rack up – is keeping a Right-Wing Arsehole out of the Oval Office for another eight years…


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