Morpheus on… Telepathy

There is nothing “psychic” or “spiritual” about telepathy. It is as physical as farting and like farting – we all do it.

So how does it work? Simple. The human brain does not think in word-bubbles (except in cartoons) it thinks in “brain-language” – concepts, pictures. And the WAY it processes that information is similar to the way a computer does it. Little electrical impulses. And when two brains are “in sync”, that info can TRAVEL from one brain to another – like radio.

Scientists have long known – and PROVEN – this. Brain “waves” are part of the electromagnetic spectrum and act similarly. When they took two subjects who were practised at sending and receiving images and placed one in a cage through which they could pass a current, this SCREENED them (like an A.M radio when you go through a tunnel). Every time – unknown to the subjects – they turned the current on, the subjects LOST the ability.

Weird? Well, YOU do it all the time. Remember when you asked that stranger on the street for the time? They were deep in thought and you STARTLED them – thus when they looked at their watch, their brain was working in OVER-DRIVE and you heard the time pop into their brain BEFORE they spoke it.

Of course, the time is one thing; like playing cards, or Zener cards, which are designed especially for the purpose (square, circle, star, wavy lines and cross) it is a SHORT “message” – but what about sending people PAGES of info? Sadly, language has made us lazy and we have lost the ability. Perhaps savants could do it if they applied themselves to the task – and maybe some “mentalists” HAVE.

But it is more than a parlour trick. Telepathy helps us EVERY DAY. To assess people (“vibes”, “karma”) – particularly if they’re DANGEROUS.

People explain it by saying, “I saw it in his eyes” – despite the eyes being NOTHING more than organs of sight.

Or, “I read his body language” – yeah, right. Except only a trained psychologist can actually DO that.

Nope, it is just good old telepathy. And it explains a LOT of so-called “paranormal” phenomena. But that is another piece, another time. Right now, it is time for my breakfast. “Ham and eggs…ham and eggs…”

I wonder if my Lady received that…


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Cy Quick on July 19, 2015 at 2:46 pm

    Perhaps the consciousness or ‘mind’ of an animal, including human, is carried away on the solar wind, as an energy field, at the death of the body, until, at, or beyond, the Oort Cloud, the radio noise of our star Sol is sufficiently diminished that we can all ‘hear’ each others thoughts?

    Perhaps gentle souls can then tell the self-righteous cruel religious rat-bags of this world what we think of them; perhaps on a done-by-as-you-did basis but all in the mind?

    Needless to say, if this ‘scientific-spiritualism’ aka natural-after-life theory turns out to be true, we can say good riddance to the idea of a male chauvinist pig guy in the sky with a salvation package deal involving suffering and praise.

  2. Posted by Vincent on July 21, 2015 at 2:07 pm

    Echo that.

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