Morpheus on… ‘Tis The Season To Be Emmy

Yes, the (Primetime) Emmys® loom once again…

Unlike the various MOVIE awards, which take place during January and February (the “Awards Season”) whose qualifying period is the previous year, the Emmys® are presented in September, on the Sunday preceding the new TELEVISION year – which generally begins a couple of Mondays after Labor Day.

This is because the Autumn (US: “Fall”) Season is the most IMPORTANT of the year, having the highest RATINGS (it begins to get COLD outside).

Which explains why there is so much CRAP on TV in the SUMMER.

Anyhoo, with the DEATH of the movie industry, in terms of ADULT movies (“adult” meaning GROWN-UP – not porn) the last ten years have seen a mass MIGRATION of writers and other creatives – from movies to TV.

Thus it could well be argued that the Emmys® are now far more RELEVANT than the FORMER Kings Of Awards – the Oscars®.

This year, the ceremony will be hosted by SNL alumni, Andy Samberg – who should do fine.

So what are we likely to see on the twentieth of this month?

Well, this year has seen another slew of deserved Emmy®-winners, with HIGH-CONCEPT shows leading the race.

“Homeland” had a good fourth season – although its downbeat ending might have disappointed some.

“Elementary” – after three seasons, it is about time Emmy® recognised the efforts of Jonny Lee Miller, who has to work a LOT harder than Cumberbatch (24 eps a year, as opposed to Benny’s 2 or 3).

“24” went out with a BANG, featuring a 12-ep season in Britain that was at least as good as its 24-ep American counterparts.

“The Blacklist” – Alan Alda has already been promised a nod for his guest spot in Season Two – but is it not time Emmy® paid tribute to SPADER?

“House Of Cards” – this award-spattered version of the British classic has had two lots of Emmy® NODS thus far – but will they get CONVERTED, this time?

“Scorpion” is a newcomer with merit. It begins its second season the day after the Emmys® – but will it get recognition for its first?

“Forever” has been CANCELLED – but it is far from unknown for Emmys® to be presented to shows that have been dumped PREMATURELY. And while – like the afore-mentioned “Scorpion” – it was peppered with plot-holes, it showed a fair amount of promise.

“The Newsroom” – whilst this too is now over (COMPLETED – not cancelled) it has another nod for Jeff Daniels. But what about AARON SORKIN?? He WROTE all 25 eps of this masterpiece, yet while too being award-spattered, Emmy® has IGNORED him, ever since “West Wing” ended.

“Under The Dome” – arguably the HIGHEST of the high-concept shows (a hick town trapped inside a giant sandwich-cover) its three series have demonstrated the law of diminishing returns – but it still deserves props for EFFORT.

And “Limitless” promises much – from the boys who brought you “Scorpion” and a few years back, “Fringe”.

Whilst it goes without saying that ALL of the above shows should get WRITING nods (they cannot ALL win).

And there are plenty of STANDARD-concept shows that are deserving…

“Bones” should get a director nod for David Boreanaz, for helming last December’s “Hitchcock” ep.

The new “Hawaii Five-O” is solid entertainment. Likewise “Castle”, “NCIS” – and its new spinoff “NCIS: NO” is not too bad.

Also-new “The Mysteries Of Laura” is lifted out of the mundane by its spirited writing and the lively performance of its Jewish Princess lead, Debra Messing.

While yet-again-new “The Brink” is a bizarre mix of action and comedy.

Fact is, this is a Golden Age of US television drama. So I hope its flagship Emmy® does not FORGET that, going for “worthy” and “popular” shows, whilst IGNORING the ENTERTAINMENT FACTOR which the shows LEADING this period possess.

I will likely add an UPDATE to this piece, post-Emmy®…

…sadly (but predictably) they went with those worthy and popular shows. Well, at least Britain was highly visible in the COMEDY section earlier…


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Cy Quick on September 3, 2015 at 10:27 pm

    I cannot even recall the names of the three or four movies I have seen at the cinemas in this conurbation (Poole, Bournemouth, Twynham-aka-Christchurch) which I grace or disgrace with my worthy or unworthy presence (YOU decide) in the past 12 months.

    They were very good. It is not surprising that I say that because I read the reviews in the Bournemouth Daily Echo before making the trip down to Tower Park or Westover Road to see the great sight. About 99.9 % of today’s movie actors are unknown to me. As for the few movies I did see, I have forgotten all about them…

    WAIT! It just come back. One was about a kid growing up, and the actor did the job over a decade of his young life. (I saw him begin looking so sweet, bless him. Then I walked out of the movie when a step dad threatened to upset me. I did not want to see the young gentleman mistreated.)

    The movie that interests me is the one I would like to make. I have all the plot developments clear in my mind, but I need a team to do the actual hard work of putting the screenplay into words… As the Beano (or was it Dandy?) comic character might have said “What me? Do hard work?” There are people, it seems, who relish hard work. Come on over to my place, guys, we’re having a party… sort of.

  2. Posted by Vincent on September 5, 2015 at 12:58 pm

    “Boyhood” – it was an exception to the rules I stated about today’s movies – but then it was started twelve years ago, when interesting movies for grown-ups were still being made.

    But the article only MENTIONED the now-defunct medium of adult cinema – it was about TV!!

  3. Posted by Cy Quick on September 6, 2015 at 1:49 am

    Oh… Television… I am 75 in a month’s time (three days before John Lennon, and a fortnight before Cliff Richard) and the BBC loony-left fascist extortion racket will finally stop claiming money off me -whether I watch their great gushes of garbage (mixed with some good stuff from News and Documentaries).

    I might just MIGHT buy a TV set. But a shufty in the weekly TV supplement of the Bournemouth Daily Echo put me off. It is not that the Beeb output it not VARIED. Here are some of the varieties: They have loony left crap yap, Trite everyday shite of oik folk, Moronic populist drivel intended to cause amusement…

    Nobody better hold their breath is all I’m saying.

  4. Posted by Vincent on September 9, 2015 at 5:56 pm

    My piece is primarily about high-concept AMERICAN television. Britain’s (actually Wales’s) only contributions are “Sherlock” (about 3 shows every two years) and “Doctor Who” (13 a year, if Auntie isn’t using it as a political bargaining chip).

    However, UK TV has cornered the market on well-written and -performed comedy PANEL (/political) shows…

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