Morpheus on… Celebrities On Twitter

The problem with celebs Twatting is that many of them have lost sight of the POINT.

Here is the thing; while a lot of them nobly accede to requests to USE their celebrity to publicise “worthy causes” to their legion of Followers, they forget to intersperse those Twatts with ones containing their wit, wisdom, pith and moment – which is the reason people are Following them to begin with.

Thus their Twatter channels become like TV channels – with a stream of ADS and NO PROGRAMMES.

Now about twenty-eight months ago, Your Humble Scribe decided to become a Twatt, solely to increase traffic HERE – but to date has only amassed thirty-five Followers (and half of those are probably machine-generated) since he cannot be arsed to use tags and hashtags.

However, for that select group, his Twatter feed is PEPPERED with quotes, quirks, jokes, tips, mini-rants and all sorts – meaning that whilst he may only have set it up to promote these columns to callow YOOFS, at least they are never more than one plug away from some ENTERTAINMENT.

Like; “If you’re wearing crotchless cowboy pants with spurs – do not squat.”

And; “The hardest job in Britain? Being a waiter who has to perform the Heimlich Manœuvre on Eric Pickles.”

Or how about; “When love walks in the door, logic and commonsense jump out of the window.”


And if you – yes, YOU – want to SEE it (and who knows – perhaps even BECOME yet another Follower) just hit…


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by cyrus quick on November 19, 2015 at 10:22 am

    If I win Euromillions (no luck today) I will employ a person to do Twitter and all the other cyber litter for me. But me bother myself? Not going to happen.

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