Morpheus on… Trump And HMG

Her Majesty’s Government has received a petition demanding Trump be excluded from entering the UK, on the grounds his speeches have fomented hate. And given the number of signatories (560k) on it, HMG has been forced to ACT – they will be discussing the issue later this month.

But where does this leave them?

The problem is, Trump could JUST be the next POTUS (President Of The United States) and given Britain has been America’s Bitch for decades now, that would be supremely EMBARRASSING.

Even if HMG later rescinded the exclusion order, the fact that they had once okayed it would be a CONTINUED embarrassment, for as long as Trump held the position.

Therefore, this observer suspects they will use as many DELAYING TACTICS as possible!

Because over the next few weeks, Trump is going to have to get through Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina – three God-fearing states where some of Trump’s “losers” still have a “huuuuge” amount of support.

Thus while dozy nut-job Ben Carson may now be pretty much history, Ted Cruz and a whole SLEW of Right Wing Arseholes remain, busily snapping at the Donald’s heels.

So right now, HMG is PRAYING that one of them TOPPLES him!


A further thought…

Of course, the fact that there ARE so many RWAs in the running – Cruz, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, “Jeb” Bush and at a pinch, Big Chris Christie – may work in Trump’s favour. The votes could be SPLIT, leaving him a clear winner.

But then, he will still only have the Republican NOMINATION. After that, he will have to see off Old Ma Clinton (sadly, Bernie “Feel The Bern” Sanders has NO chance of being nominated as the Democratic candidate – he is a SOCIALIST) before his ample posterior can occupy the Big Chair.

However at the moment, she is only polling JUST above Trump (“if the election were held tomorrow and you had to choose between Trump and Clinton…”) – and given the likelihood of further TERRORIST atrocities happening in America during the coming months…

Verily, this year will be an Interesting Time.


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