Morpheus on… Angry Old Men

Right now, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are riding high.

It’s not really surprising, since they share two things; their names have somewhat unfortunate initials, but much more importantly – they are both ANGRY OLD MEN.

And you can see their APPEAL to an electorate, for whom they are facing off against the usual bunch of smugbastard, two-faced, devious, oily “professional” politicians.

This time, Old Ma Clinton, Bush III (not ANOTHER one) Rubio, Cruz and Crazy Carson (to date).

Of course, the two old geezers have diametrically opposed SOLUTIONS to America’s problems; as a right-wing arsehole, Trump wants to hammer immigrants – whilst self-confessed socialist Sanders (alliteration!) wants to hammer big corporations, bankers and other One-Percenters.

And it don’t take a genius to know which group NEEDS hammering.

But who could have seen this coming? Not Hillary, that’s for sure. Over the last few years, she must have rehearsed her inaugural speech a hundred times, then all of a sudden – it’s Always A Bridesmaid time again.

Even this observer cannot claim to have anticipated the “Network” effect, although like Trump and Sanders, he’s actually OLD enough to GET that venerable reference; “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore.” (Peter Finch as Howard Beale – it won him a posthumous Oscar®).

However, of the two, only Bernie would have any clue what to DO, once he reached the Oval Office.

And while the prospect of a 75-year-old socialist occupying the White House might seem unlikely – who’d have bet on a black guy with the middle name Hussein and a surname only one letter away from Osama?

So maybe Sanders and Corbyn doing a Reagan and Thatcher (ANOTHER ancient reference) ain’t such a pipe-dream as Your Humble Scribe first thought…


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Anonymous on February 27, 2016 at 8:05 pm

    It is all very well Fart… sorry Trump… wanting the continent of North America to be immigrant free but where are the immigrants (from Pilgrim Fathers onwards) all going to go?

    Actually, the immigrants that canoe-ed along the ice edge from China must not be forgotton either. They must pack up their feathers in their old skin bags and paddle back where they came from.

    And when the two American continents are left to the buffaloes and the wolves etc., who will make the Hollywood movies? We will have to rely on Pinewood. The Carry On guys and gals will be happy I suppose but I personally will miss the Star series (Trek, Wars, whatever)

    As to the former Hollywood Hills, with the former Mount Lee, it will be bare of great big white signs, so that tripping tourists (like me), seeking novelty, will have to be content with flipping earthquakes which will have to be contrived artificially by some means… Have I missed anything?

  2. Posted by Vincent on February 28, 2016 at 4:45 pm

    Not much – except the issue is repeated everywhere. Once you enter the last millennium (and on occasion, the ones before) humankind WANDERS. And now that you can reach almost anywhere from almost anywhere else in 48 hours, immigration is inevitable.

    So it’s no use banging on about building walls (the efforts of Hadrian and the Chinese didn’t achieve much, did they?) Instead, far better to DEAL with the inevitable – I’m just glad it ain’t MY problem…

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