Morpheus on… “Experts”

So I recall, many years ago, some Western “expert” declaring that oriental (and other places) “squattie” toilets were far better for the digestive tract and bowels than the traditional sit-down types – and urging us to get rid of our bourgeois bogs, in favour of these more “natural” ones.

However, more recently – now that I LIVE in The Orient – some LOCAL expert has declared the very OPPOSITE, exhorting the population to upgrade their “primitive” khazies to the “civilized” sit-down variety.

Now clearly both of these so-called experts cannot be right. Either one is entirely wrong – or it makes no damn difference, so BOTH are.

As it happens, I have two bathrooms with a squattie in one and a sit-down in the other – and prefer the sit-down model.

Bloody experts…


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