Morpheus on… Ad-Men

Only ad-men rival politicians, when it comes to being detached from reality.

Case in point; I saw a TV ad for the Subaru Forester. It showed an AWD SUV gaily bouncing over tree roots and ended with the slogan: Is There Anything You Can’t Do?

Well, I thought – play blues piano, speak Spanish, run a four-minute mile, become invisible, bonk a squirrel and sit through an episode of “The Bachelorette” for a start.

Then there was that name – Forester. The commercial featured the vehicle whizzing through trees – but supposing it had been coursing over sand dunes?

I imagined the scene at a cop-shop if a citizen came to report the disappearance of his Deserter. Plods ROFLing uncontrollably.

Of course, my witnessing this ridiculous ad only came about by accident; me having acquired my first VCR in 1981 – then several more, until HDDs became affordable a decade or so ago.

Thus during the last 35 years, the amount of TV ads I have had to sit through could be counted on the fingers of a clumsy saw-mill operator.

But this five-second-wonder was tacked onto the beginning of an “N.C.I.S.” ep.

The Subaru Forester… THOOMB!


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