Morpheus on… Reflections On “Brexit”

How the HELL did this happen?

DEMOCRACY, that’s how.

A dozen people in a commune can arrange their chairs in a circle and decide who does the washing up, where smoking will be permitted, etc. But translate that into a COUNTRY?

No. So you seek out a bunch of “experts” who promise to run your homeland – then vote for the ones who appear the least sleazy.

What you do NOT do is place that power DIRECTLY in the hands of The People. Why not? Because they are idiots.

The idea of running a Democratic country through a series of referenda has already been explored – in a film called “The Rise And Rise Of Michael Rimmer” – except THAT was a political SATIRE.

If you actually DID it, you would also have to allow the proles to vote on what to vote on. This would result in a state of primitive brutality the like of which has not been seen since the Middle Ages (public hangings for pædophiles, etc.)

Of course, in Britain referenda are RARELY held – and when they are, the outcome is always clear (as with the Alternative Vote system in 2011 – and the previous attempt to divorce Europe, in 1975).

So what went WRONG this time?

Normally the British people are like sheep, bleating about their lot in life to anyone who will listen – then they bow their heads and comply with their lords and masters.

However, on this occasion their fear of CHANGE was overridden by their fear of IMMIGRATION and – TERRORISM.

Let us look at immigration first. Since Full Employment ended in the early Seventies, the British have looked for someone to blame. And ignoring greedy businessmen who have utilised automation and outsourcing to maximise their profits, they have turned on the progeny of the immigrants Britain WELCOMED in the Fifties.

Yes, unemployment IS Britain’s number one problem; but the cause of it lies in the workforce SYSTEM Britain’s fat-cats and politicians have evolved – not with those who live within it.

Which brings us to terrorism. America caused this mess – then dragged all of its bitches into it. And now, both we and they are dealing with the fallout.

Naturally, the knee-jerk reaction is to block ENTRY to your country, for people of certain ethnic groups – Fortress Britain. In America, Trump trumpets this daily.

But the fact that both places are ALREADY RIDDLED with potential domestic terrorists guarantees failure of that concept (“they’re here… in the HOUSE…”)

The answers to these two issues are highly complex and pulling out of Europe does NOTHING to help.

Then there are the economic issues; these would fill a book – a BIG one – but my dinner will be ready in twenty minutes, so I will simply point out that nearly all of the INFORMED financial experts have declared that any advantages to Leaving would be utterly outweighed by the advantages of STAYING.

But it is too damn late now.

Britain has been suckered into making a decision that she should never have been allowed to make in the first place – and she has monumentally BLOWN it.

Today, most people are too young to remember a time when two European countries were at WAR. The idea is absurd.

But just seven years before I was born (today, say 2009) EVERY country in Europe was picking up its remains after nearly a DECADE of knocking the CRAP out of each other. And for centuries before that, they had continually been doing likewise.

Yet right now, it is SEVENTY YEARS since such madness occurred.

Now, I am not suggesting that a break-up of Europe will precipitate WAR – Europe has moved ON since those days. However, those past squabbles STILL remain uppermost in the British psyche – and in those of the other EU countries.

And it is this DISUNITY that is Europe’s WEAKNESS.

America is primitive in comparison, but despite its many divisions (Red State/Blue State, North/South, East Coast/West Coast – and many ethnic schisms) when its back is against the wall, its UNITY makes it STRONG.

Therefore, America must be PISSING itself right now.

If, back in 2003, Blair had told The Monkey (George Wan… sorry, WaLker Bush) to go screw himself and dedicated his administration to forging stronger ties with Europe – and even suggested that Russia be allowed into NATO, as an “associate member” (“keep your friends close – and your enemies closer”) – he would be a HERO today (instead of a massive ZERO).

But the man was a plonker – and since his day, the window of opportunity has been closing. And now with Brexit, it has slammed SHUT.

The EU was like most marriages – not great, but better than the alternative.

I suspect that if the referendum were re-run today, there would be a major shift to REMAIN (the post-Brexit value of the Pound alone ought to be worth a couple of percentage points). But as it stands, the die has been cast.

Over the coming years, every time the word Brexit pops up in British conversation, those present – will HANG their heads…


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Alfie on June 29, 2016 at 6:16 am

    I am not ashamed to state categorically that I voted “remain”. Not because I love or approve of the EU in its present form – dammit I’m still trying to work out how to extract East Anglia from the Wessex\Mercia hegemony!
    No I decided that the leave arguments were all emotive rather than logical so I voted in what I considered the best interests of my children, prospective grandchildren and my pension fund!
    It seems to have divided the country (not entirely on grounds of age as some people are saying) on a basis of intelligence! All of my friends (who are, naturally, all highly intelligent) voted to remain while in my family my mother’s side did the same while her sister’s children and grandchildren (aka the thick side of the family) got all pseudo-patriotic and more than a little racist!
    From such divisions do Civil Wars start!
    If you are going to decide things like this on a simple body count then voting has to be compulsory for all – does 52% of 72% REALLY constitute a majority?
    Serious bit over! Next time they do a referendum they should have a bit of fun with the question – “Do you wish to remain in Europe OR NOT? Answer YES or NO”


  2. Posted by Vincent on July 1, 2016 at 8:12 am

    You’re right – it’s barely a third. And half of THEM are currently feeling like the secretary who wakes with a hangover and realises her BOSS is in the bed beside her…

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