Morpheus on… War Crimes

I got nuthin’ this week, so here’s a little piece I penned eight years ago that’s as true today…

War Crimes? Humbug. War IS a crime.

And ploys like the Geneva Convention only serve to legitimise it. Is anybody REALLY naive enough to believe an all-out conflict can be waged in a “gentlemanly” manner, without sadism, rape, pillage, genocide and assorted atrocities taking place? Where only professional 18+ soldiers are involved and those captured will be treated well?

Get real. War is hell. Fought between governments, winner take all. And how often do those on the winning side find themselves in front of a War Crimes Tribunal?

In this Third Millennium, it is absurd that nanny-state governments will on the one hand give Mr Health And Safety carte blanche to write rules restricting every factor of our lives – whilst on the other hand, stick guns in our hands, telling us to go out and shoot at people who’ve done US no harm – but who they, said governments, dislike, with the advice that, should they shoot back, it might be advisable to DUCK.

And these are the same governments who claim they only have a military force – which cost us BILLIONS – for DEFENCE. But if ALL the World’s military forces are only used for defence – WHO’S DOING THE ATTACKING? Someone must be. Aliens?

The reality is that no matter how you dress it up, the military serves one purpose only; to kill and maim people. And destroy their minds, homes, businesses and infrastructures. They are obscene organisations who perpetuate man’s primitive desire for blood. And no amount of sanitisation will disguise that fact.


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