Morpheus on… When The Tail Wags The Dog

A lot of people are worried about what Trump will do when he becomes POTUS.

But this observer believes they should be WAY more worried about the American CONGRESS than the Big Orange One.

A quick word about the UK government and its stateside sister; while both originate from the ancient Roman model, they feature one big difference.

In Britain, the Prime Minister is voted for by the ruling (majority) party’s Members of Parliament (the UK equivalent of America’s Representatives).

While in the States, the President is voted for SEPARATELY, by The People.

The effect of this is to make Britain’s PM its Supreme Leader. And provided their party has the majority of MPs, when they shout “jump” – their whips will ensure their MPs politely ask how high.

However across the pond, The Most Powerful Man (thus far) In The World heads a separate office, known as The Executive Branch.

Which means he may not necessarily belong to the majority party (or indeed, ANY party). Unthinkable, back in The Mother Of Parliaments.

And that is the situation Barry Obama has been in for most of the last eight years. A Democrat, he has had to kiss the arses (US: asses) of the Republican Representatives (and many of the Democratic ones too – America’s whips are not as vicious as their opposite numbers in Blighty) in order to get ANYTHING done.

Even then, his bills have mostly been castrated or at best, watered-down.

Meanwhile, the Representatives have fared little better – with Barry vetoing many of their bills in retaliation.


But now – enter Trump.

With a Republican President in charge of Republican majorities in BOTH Houses of Congress; Representatives and the Senate (America’s equivalent of Britain’s House of Lords – sort of) surely now, stuff will finally get DONE.

Well, yes. But the big question is – by WHOM?

Trump is NOT a politician. But he will soon become – at least, in theory – the chief of FIVE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-FIVE people who ARE.

And they are all REPUBLICANS. With a SLEW of Right-Wing agendas to fill.

So I repeat; America should be FAR more concerned with what THOSE bastards are likely to do, once the Trumpster is safely ensconced in the Oval Office…


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