Morpheus on… …But What If The Tail Is A FREAKSHOW?

Following on from the piece below, it now looks like Trump’s Cabinet may contain every MASSIVE LOSER of whom Americans have said, “Well, at least HE/SHE will never achieve political power.” The following are under consideration…

Secretary Of State: Rudy “at least I didn’t hide in the toilet on 9/11” Giuliani.

Attorney General: Rudy again, Chris Christie. (Couldn’t they make him Secretary of PIES or something? The man has SUFFERED).

Secretary of the Interior: Sarah Palin. SERIOUSLY?

Secretary for Health and Human Services: Ben Carson (aw, come ON!) Rick “oops” Scott, Bobby Jindal (remember him? the Indian Alfred E. Neuman?) – and Mike Huckabee.

Secretary for Education: Carson again.

Ditto Homeland Security: Rudy YET again.

The list goes on. There is even talk of giving Oloroso Marigold a rôle (sure, while you’re doing that, why not make Gary Busey Secretary for Dentistry?)

Of course, this is only for FOUR YEARS, right? Trump could NEVER earn a SECOND term.

Yes, well that’s what they thought about The Monkey – George Wan… sorry, WaLker Bush. Then 9/11 happened and Americans were so sh*t-scared they would have voted an ACTUAL monkey into the Oval Office, provided he was a REPUBLICAN.

Maybe they’ll SHOOT him? All Americans have GUNS, right?

Except RWAs (Right-Wing Arseholes – US: Assholes) don’t get shot BY Liberals – it’s the OTHER WAY ROUND.

And Trump is now the second most guarded man in The States (did you see that WIRED guy behind Trump as he went through the crowd, following his Acceptance Speech? Hilarious).

Nope. America is F***ED.

But at least BRITAIN is still in with a chance. We can UNDO OUR Trump – simply NOT SIGN ARTICLE FIFTY.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Anonymous on November 17, 2016 at 3:08 am

    When Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were the two candidates for the Presidential race, my wife said, “In a massive Continent like America isn’t there anyone else they could think of to nominate?” I agree. Well, they had Ronald Reagan; an actor who couldn’t even remember his lines when acting, as President. And so it goes on. I rest my case.
    God help America.

  2. Posted by Vincent on November 17, 2016 at 12:21 pm

    You SAID it. It’s a pity Elizabeth Warren didn’t want the job – she’d have been a shoe-in.

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