Morpheus on…’Tis The Season To Be Jolly

My being an anti-theist (“religion retards the ascent of man”) you might assume I say Bah Humbug to Christmas. Well, hold on there a minute…

You see, while I rail at the Christians’ HIJACKING of the Winter Solstice, because it was a joyous celebration that did not include them or their daft beliefs – that does not mean I am opposed to fun and frolics.

And the hijacking of CHRISTMAS by commercial interests (even modern Santa was invented by Coca-Cola, in the Thirties) – does not entirely dim my appreciation of this season either.

Even the Politically Correct arseholes who would BAN it, for fear of “offending” the tiny percentage of declared non-Christians in the West (try living in the Middle East and complaining about Ramadamadingdong) will not dishearten me.

No, I am old enough to remember a time before ALL that bullcrap; when the holiday was still officially the property of the Church. And as such, even in those days, most people knew that the 25th of December was actually the Turning Of The Year – not the Birth Of The Christ.

Therefore it was a MAGICAL time; when people smiled at strangers in the street, felt happy for no particular reason, bought each other gifts – and generally believed in the goodness of each other.

Yes my friend, it is THAT which we need to RECLAIM.

And as a New Year beckons – with Trump and Brexit sat squarely all over it – DO WE EVER NEED IT!!!


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