Morpheus on… The New Doctor Who

Miranda Hart? Are you Kidding? Why not Whoopi Goldberg?

No, the Doctor has to be a BLOKE – who is white, British and of average build (so forget Idris Elba too).

On the other hand, his age is VARIABLE. Peter Capaldi was – IS; he still has a season and Christmas special to go – an OLD geezer. In the show, he is the same age as the original Doctor, Bill Hartnell (who actually looked much older) and Jon Pertwee (whom he slightly resembles).

But the other post-reboot Doctors have all been youngish and I believe now is the time for such to return and thus nominate (for the SECOND time; see elsewhere in these observations) – BEN WHISHAW.

Yes, before Peter got the gig, I suggested Ben. Now don’t get me wrong; I also said if Capaldi minded his language, he should make an excellent Doctor – and as usual, I was right.

But if Peter must go (and next year, it WILL be about that time) who better to replace him than his co-star in The Hour. Said series was going well until the end of Season Two, when a CRAP finale killed the whole thing.

Its lead actor Dominic West then fled to America, leaving Capaldi and Whishaw looking for new work. Capaldi  became the next Doctor and Whishaw, the next Q.

But THAT gig is at best only a week’s work every two or three years – and hardly career-defining.

Of course Ben is openly gay, but at around a thousand years old, the Doctor is ABOVE sex (I am only 64, but less involved than I once was) so that is not an issue. And his nerdy, gentle persona will contrast nicely with his predecessor.

So COME ON AUNTIE – THIS time, give Ben a chance. Otherwise he too will drift across the Pond – and then you will not be able to AFFORD him.


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