Morpheus on… The Daily Mail Readers Quiz

Q1) Entertainment: What is Beyoncé’s first name?

Q2) Cooking: What is the principle (main) ingredient of scrambled eggs?

Q3) Transport: How many carriageways are there on a dual carriageway? (you may look up the word “dual”)

Q4) Geography: Which American state is New York City in?

Q5) Science: At what time of day does Noon occur?

Q6) General: What colour is a red bus?

Q7) Regents: Which country is ruled by the Queen of Denmark?

Q8) Spelling: Spell LONDON.

Q9) Celebrity: Princess Diana, Adolph Hitler or Bugs Bunny?

Q10) Physics: Explain Le Chatelier’s Principle Of Dynamic Equilibrium Forces OR write your name in block capitals.

There are a million of these…


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