Morpheus on… Trump And Brexit: The Root Cause

As I type this, Leggy May has just delivered Britain’s suicide note to Europe and the Trumpster has completed his first disastrous two months in office. But how the hell did we reach this point?

Well, elsewhere in these scribblings, I have laid the blame squarely upon the Worst President America Has Ever Had (at least, in MY lifetime).

Mr George Wan… sorry, WaLker Bush. The Monkey.

For ’twas HE who decided to ignore the UN and everyone else and go finish off the job his pappy had had too much intelligence, class and wisdom to attempt – nail Saddam Hussein. Which resulted in total chaos, destabilising the entire Middle East (which was hardly stable to begin with) and led directly to the year of terrorist atrocities that drove the populations of America and Britain to make the monumental blunders they will now regret for years – perhaps decades.

America voted for Trump and Britain voted for Brexit.

Of course, there were a variety of other factors which lead to these decisions – but there is no doubt that FEAR of foreign terrorism (and the misbegotten belief that “strengthening borders” would combat it – misbegotten, because almost all of the terrorists were CITIZENS) carried the day, both times.

And in both cases, the results came as a complete surprise (nay, SHOCK) since the pollsters had made the mistake of BELIEVING the public they had polled.

However, while The Monkey may SEEM to be the root cause of our current woes, one can actually trace it back FURTHER – to an unlikely source.

Mr Ralph Nader.

What? The “Unsafe At Any Speed” guy? Sadly, yes.

The thing is, Ralph had dickered around with presidential runs for many years and in 2000, ran as the candidate for the Green Party. And with absolutely NO chance of winning, there is no doubt whatsoever that most of the votes he took from the two main contenders – Bush and Al Gore – came from the LATTER.

What happened then is well known; thanks to a handful of votes (just as with Trump and Brexit) and Bush family corruption, The Monkey managed to unceremoniously elbow his way past Gore into the White House where, thanks to the FEAR created by “9/11” – he would remain for two terms. During which time… see above.

So RALPH NADER – the guy who certainly saved thousands of lives by prodding the American “auto” industry into grudgingly introducing the safety features we now take for granted – is ultimately responsible for f***ing up both the US and the UK.

Thanks a lot, Ralph.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Alfie on April 10, 2017 at 4:27 am

    Despite my own views on the wisdom of the whole “Brexit” thing I do rather hope that the report I read in a spoof newspaper was true and that “The Letter” really was attached to the collar of a Bulldog called Winston which was then parachuted from a Spitfire onto the office of the European Commissioner in Brussels!

    I have also heard that we are commissioning a new Royal Navy aircraft carrier in honour of the Brexit decision. HMS Suicidal Insanity will be launched in 2 years!


  2. Posted by Vincent on April 14, 2017 at 1:34 pm

    I have an alternative vision, involving Leggy May taking a dump on said commissioner’s desk!

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