Morpheus on… After Trump: What Next?

In its eagerness to rid itself of Trump, America seems to have overlooked what will FOLLOW.

Two words: Mike Pence.

Under the U.S. Constitution, it is HE who, along with Trump’s team of misbegotten, sycophantic losers (the ones he has not yet fired) will take over running The States.

Pence: a man who equates dining with a woman as having shagged her – and believes a dude who loves another dude should get down on his knees and (no, not that) “pray the gay away” – two sentiments an adult should have outgrown.

And what about the Cabinet he will inherit?

It includes Jeff Sessions: a man who resembles a leprechaun – and who wants to REVERSE the baby steps that have been taken towards legalising recreational drugs which, after FIFTY YEARS of the pointless War On Drugs, would finally free enough of America’s Injustice System up, to allow it to put REAL criminals behind bars.

And Rinse Pubis: a man who PERSONIFIES the word “dweeb” – and who criticised Trump constantly; until it became clear that he was the only Republican who could win 2016.

Plus Wilbur Ross: somewhere, a third-rate ventriloquist is missing a dummy.

Ben Carson: dozy, but dangerous – keep him away from sharp objects.

Betsy DeVos: a milf, but no-one likes her.

Rick “Oops” Perry.

And not forgetting the Prince Of Darkness, Steve Bannon: a man who looks like he sleeps in a dumpster – and who is somewhere to the right of Genghis Khan.

Also, remember that under the 22nd Amendment, if (against all odds) Trump lasts two years, Pence (who is only 58) could run for another TWO terms – meaning if the Democrats could not find anyone to beat him, America could be stuck with the berk until 2028!

Verily, God SAVE the United States of America…


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