Morpheus on… The Ten Commandments

One afternoon, the Reverend Michael Ripper went to take tea with the Very Reverend George Woodbridge. Woodbridge noticed his friend looked somewhat harassed and asked him why.

“I had to WALK here – my bicycle has disappeared.”

“Really? Do you think someone stole it?”

“I suppose.”

The two sipped their tea and after a minute, Woodbridge spoke.

“You might try this; on Sunday, give a sermon on the Ten Commandments. Then when you get to Number Eight, pause for emphasis, speak slowly and fix your eyes on the congregation – and see who blinks.”

Ripper thanked the man for his advice and they agreed to meet again the next week.

Thus the following Wednesday, they again sat down to tea.

“I see you CYCLED here this time – did my little ploy bear fruit?”

“Not exactly; I was psyching myself up for the Eighth Commandment, but when I reached the Seventh – I remembered where I LEFT it.”


[Retelling this classic story on the web has the advantage that the reader can – if necessary – easily LOOK UP the Ten Commandments!]


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