Morpheus on… Race Memories

Elsewhere in these scribblings, I have theorised that everything we and our science can observe is in a box I call the Continuum. And given the illogicality of its existence (logically there should be NOTHING – darkness, silence – zip, zilch, nada) it follows that the existence of something OUTSIDE the box is ALSO illogical.

And yet, here we all ARE. It therefore follows that ANOTHER Continuum should exist. Right?

But what IS it? Well, given that science has an EXPLANATION for the “next world” that those who have gone through a “near-death experience” report; that it is merely an ILLUSION created by the brain when it is in crisis – and given that reincarnation is clearly bollocks (nothing like PROOF has ever been offered up for it) – it can be reasoned that we will not find out until after we DIE. Okay?

However, that does not stop us from THEORISING about it. Which is where “race memories” come in.

It is a FACT (we like those) that we are born with basic data “hard-wired” into our brains. Our INSTINCTS; fight or flight – fear of fire, spiders and snakes – suspicion of Nigerian princes – reproduction (or at least, sex) – need for food and water – and pure curiosity.

And Wiki claims that they are RACE MEMORIES. That, as a species, evolution has enabled us to pick up some basic survival techniques.

Which makes sense; after all, we have also evolved concepts like – expecting to live for about eighty years (which is going to give us MAJOR problems, if the scientists discover that “cure for ageing’ they are currently working on).

But supposing Wiki is WRONG? (It could happen).

Supposing those basic instincts were acquired during an EARLIER existence? One in which we were on a level with WILD DOGS? Where we experienced a lifestyle that imbued us with the afore-mentioned skills.

There is no reason we would REMEMBER that life – it would have been brutal and boring. But it offers a viable alternative explanation of where we got all that useful info from, doesn’t it?

And more importantly it suggests that if that first existence happened (and we KNOW THIS existence is happening – like I said, here we all ARE) we can extrapolate that a THIRD is in the offing (and after that, ANOTHER – ad infinitum).

That right after we take our last breath In This Place – and our brains begin their inevitable descent into MUSH – we will be reborn into the NEXT Continuum.

And this time, our brains will not only be hard-wired with the basic instincts gained from the LAST existence – they will be further enhanced with all the lessons learned in THIS one.

Thus the next world will be one DEVOID of the GREED AND STUPIDITY that has surrounded us, while cruising through this cursed place.

A happy prospect indeed.

However, unlike the pompous religious theoreticians, I merely offer this suggestion for your CONSIDERATION. You may have another one.

But I will close in stating two things. One; this life may be ALL that there is, or it may be a preparation for the next one – either way, you owe it to yourself to assimilate as much as you can from it. And two; we are all on this journey together and need all the help we can get – so don’t be an arsehole.


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