Morpheus on… The Right Time To Discuss Gun Control

“Following the tragedy at [place-name of latest American mass shooting] this is not the time to discuss gun control.”

Oh, I disagree – I think it’s the PERFECT time.

Let’s begin with the fact that in some states, you can go into a diner openly TOOLED UP – but should you light a CIGARETTE after your meal, you’ll be treated like you just took a DUMP on the table.

And let us continue with the fact that, in America, organisations like ISIL and Al-Qaeda are understandably BANNED – yet the NRA continues unabated. Which is ironic, considering the number of Americans who have been killed by terrorists is DWARFED by the number who have been killed by…other Americans. And that includes “9/11” (11/9).

Then we can carry on with the fact that private gun-owners justify their ownership of these lethal weapons on the grounds that they need them for DEFENCE. This despite the fact that, even in America, home invasions are very RARE – and of those few who suffer one, even FEWER are able to reach their weapons. American criminals are not TOTALLY stupid – they’re fully aware they are living in the Land Of The Gun…I mean Free.

No, the fact is the handful of people killed in defence is miniscule compared with the COLLOSSAL number killed every year with legally-held guns in domestic incidents, road-rage attacks, neighbour disputes, accidents (including kids finding one and blowing little Jimmy away, thinking it was a toy) – never mind atrocities by nut-jobs like Stephen Paddock.

As Brits, we suffered TWO of these incidents; the first was in Hungerford, in 1987, the second in a SCHOOL in Dunblane, in 1996. That was ENOUGH – we BANNED private ownership of guns. And have had NO such incidents since.

Meanwhile in Australia, just two months after Dunblane, they too had a mass shooting in a place called Port Arthur. They took the same action as us – with the same result.

YOUR turn, America.


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