Morpheus on… Netflix Pushes BACK Against #metoo

It had to happen.

When the Kevin Spacey story broke, Netflix’s knee-jerk reaction was to DUMP season six of the U.S. “House Of Cards” – AND the movie, “Gore”.

The latter – a biopic of Gore Vidal (also a predominantly gay man) – was in post-production, meaning most of the money had been spent and it was nearly ready for release.

However, the former had only just started filming its final season – but Netflix had caught a BREAK.

Mirroring an earlier season-closer, season five had ended with F.U. on the OUTSIDE and C.U. in the Big Chair – and she had looked right down the camera and said, “MY turn!”

Thus many pointed out that the show could easily continue WITHOUT Spacey. And Netflix have now CONCEDED the point.

“House Of Cards” will RETURN – and even “Gore” may get released one day.

And so they should. Here’s the thing; while Spacey might have played the central character of the series, dumping the ENTIRE SHOW would have meant destroying an entity that provides work for a dozen other lead actors, a couple of dozen supporting actors, many more Background Artistes (extras) – plus a couple of HUNDRED people BEHIND the camera.

Writers, directors, designers, musicians, plasterers, painters, drivers, grips, camera operators, sound engineers, lighting engineers, honey-wagon drivers, doubles, voice coaches, stunt artists, editors, etc., etc., etc.

And while Spacey might have been naughty – they did NOTHING wrong.

Nor did the studio execs – who had millions invested in this project, at a time when Hollywood is STILL reeling from the effects of the ’08-9 Crash.

Plus millions of viewers, who had invested FIVE YEARS OF THEIR LIVES in the saga.

Imagine if the C.E.O. of G.M. were suddenly discovered to have a purple past – would millions of Chevys, Buicks and Caddies get recalled and CRUSHED? Of course not.

The offender would be put out to pasture – or stud – and a replacement found. Then business would carry on as usual.

Likewise, if an eighty-year-old woman suddenly announced Walt Disney had… …you get the picture. Snow White would be SAFE.

These days, seemingly half the men in showbiz look like being outed by the end of the year – but you cannot dump half THE BUSINESS as a result.

In any case, I know of ONE man who has a SLEW of accusers ranged against him – and HE still has a job.

I am speaking of one Donald J. Trump…


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