Morpheus on… Do Animals Have A Sense Of “Goodness”?

The human brain has a number of levels.

At the bottom, lies data. Memories – our own and “race” memories (instincts).

Animals and computers also have these.

Then there are systems. Thought processes. Use of tools, etc.

Again, we share these with animals and computers.

But next come moral values (“goodness”) tastes, artistic talent, emotions, etc.

Which is where we LOSE computers. AI – forget it.

But what of animals?

Well, at the TOP level we have consciousness – self-awareness – sentience – a SOUL, if you like.

And while computers are still out of the loop, many higher animals seem to possess some measure of this.

It is impossible to prove, since animals lack LANGUAGE skills. They also think differently from us. They ARE different.

But given those higher animals are equipped with the lower levels of thought – IF they also possess the TOP one – then it would seem to follow that they must have SOME degree of the ones in the middle – RIGHT?



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