Damien on… Will Trump Ever QUIT?

Absolutely NOT. It’s not in his DNA.

In TrumpWorld, honesty, decency and empathy count for nothing. It’s all about Winning and Losing. And the WORST kind of losing is that which is VOLUNTARY – regardless of the reason. Two cases in point…

It was the middle of his run in “The Apprentice” – as usual, two teams were competing in a task – the winning team to be the one that raised the most cash. The result was close, but inevitably one team triumphed. The losing team was set to join Trump in The Boardroom, “where someone will get fired.”

Normally, the Team Leader would nominate two team members and the three would fight it out, after which Trump would make his decision.

But on this occasion, the Team Leader came in ALONE, declaring that no-one in his team had given any less than 100% – therefore he was falling on his sword.

Very noble – except Trump was LIVID. HIS style would have been to nominate ANY two random members and bust his arse trying to deflect blame to whoever showed weakness.

Thus his response was to let the Team Leader go (literally) and drag the rest of the team into The Boardroom and STILL fire someone – ANYONE – just to SPITE the Team Leader. No-one ever did THAT again.

Then several years later, Trump found himself in a Presidential Debate with Smug Hillary – at the end of which, a number of “voter’s questions” were asked, which the two had had no opportunity to prepare for.

And one was; throughout this campaign, you two have shown utter contempt for each other – so name a quality in your opponent that you actually ADMIRE.

After a chuckle from the audience, Old Ma Clinton went first. She totally DUCKED the question, saying she admired Trump’s CHILDREN.

(Had she SEEN them? Don Jr, Eric and Ivanka are EVIL, Tiffany is cute – but keeps as far from the Trump clan as possible – and Barron, a KID, seems to be wondering what the hell is going on).

Anyhoo, then Trump was up – and for once, he showed a moment of empathy. He said he admired that she was not a QUITTER. Throughout all of the madness, she had tenaciously carried on.

Although it seemed to go right over Hillary’s head – this was actually the highest REAL COMPLEMENT Trump could have conferred upon her. And this from a man who showers compliments around like confetti – until you piss him off.

Therefore, FORGET about TRUMP quitting – he’d rather kill himself.

No, this insane (hypomanic, with a side of NPD) juggernaut will blunder on as long as there is breath in his body.

So until there is actual PROOF of a link between HIM (not the minions who lie around him like ten-pins) and CRIMINAL wrongdoing, this crazy saga will continue…


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